Conference Audio Recordings

Conference Video Recordings

Session 1 - Markus Mühling - 'The Resonating Body in Triune Eternity'


Session 2 - Christopher Holmes - 'Eternal Life and the Greatness of God'


Session 3 - Tom Greggs - ‘Eternity and Temporality: Eternal God, Creaturely Time and Eternal Life in the Theology of Karl Barth’


Session 4 - Donald Wood - ‘God and the Passing Away of Visible Things’


Session 5 - Susannah Ticciati - ‘How New is New Creation? Resurrection and Creation ex nihilo’


Session 6 - Robert Song - ‘Technological Immortalization and Original Mortality: Karl Barth on the Celebration of Finitude’


Session 7 - Russell Re Manning -  'Is the “Eternal Now” Enough? Tillich, Kairos, and the Politics of Immortality'


Session 8 - Katherine Sonderegger - ‘Toward a Theology of Resurrection’


Session 9 - Paul Nimmo - ‘Eucharist and Immortality: Thinking One Reformed Way’


Session 10 - Philip Ziegler - The Enmity of Death and Judgment Unto Life